In order to delight ourselves in Him, we have to know Him. We have to spend time with Him. We have to center our thoughts, emotions, and actions around Him.

Rachel StormentWorship Pastor

If we do not know the God we are supposed to ‘delight’ in, how can we find gratification and satisfaction from that which we do not know? If we have never tasted and seen that the Lord is good, how can we know what we are missing?

How do we begin to “delight” in God? How do we begin the pursuit of His presence in such a way that is transformative to our lives? We turn to the infallible Word of God and get to know His heart, His character and His will.  Our relationship with God isn’t like our relationship with man: God is unchanging, He is constant, He is everlasting, He is not a God who plays favorites, and we don’t have to fight for His affection or attention. God is Good.

Over the years, I have found myself to be a person who can be driven by emotion rather than truth. If things in my life are going well, it is easy for me to proclaim the goodness of God! However, if the waves of my life are crashing around me, I find myself questioning His goodness. I find myself retreating to the island of self-revelation and preservation rather than pressing in to the Truth of God’s Word and engaging in a trust-fall with the Author and Perfector of my faith. When I have chosen to intentionally separate myself from the internal war of doubt and instead engage in the Truth of God’s Word, the revelation of God’s goodness is like a wellspring overflowing within my heart. Delighting in God is not always the easy (or seemingly logical) thing to do; sometimes it is the obedience of our heart that brings us into a place of CHOOSING to delight, which then leads us into the place of breakthrough. The Everlasting God will ALWAYS trump our situations, feelings, or emotions. God is big enough to handle our doubt, and He is always faithful to meet our need.


Some practical ways I have found that have led me into the place of being able to ‘delight’ in God have been:


  1. Spend time in God’s Word EVERY DAY
  2. Spend time soaking up God’s Presence. (Listen to worship music, spend time in quiet meditation, go on a walk and thank God for His creation)
  3. Memorize Bible Verses about who GOD is and who YOU are.
  4. Keep a journal of ANSWERED prayers to remind yourself of God’s faithfulness
  5. Take time to rest: Don’t spend so much time doing things FOR God, that you forget to simply sit and BE with Him.

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