We are a community of people who are

desperate for God + passionately pursue

His presence because it changes everything.

Destiny is a place rooted in the presence of God and desperate for revival within our church and within our community. We believe that our church is experiencing an open Heaven and that we are seeing the Book of Acts manifest itself in the individuals, families and leaders of Destiny — the signs, wonders, and miracles are being witnessed like never before.

There is such a beautiful collision between Heaven and Earth, and we know that God has us here for this moment, this season to be a pillar of influence in our city, our community, our region, and our world. We hope and pray that this website would be more than a digital resource for you, but a place of vision, influence, and presence.

We believe that the presence of God changes everything in our lives.

Pastor Greg + Kathy

Back in 1989 in Rocklin, Pastor Greg knew he had a unique and anointed calling by God to build a church. This church would be more than a religious center of worship, but a community of revivalists and world-changers. Pastor Greg + Kathy’s love for our city birthed a desire in their hearts to partner with the City of Rocklin and surrounding organizations to impact and influence change within our community – leading to them opening the Destiny Community Center, the first-of-its-kind model of serving our city in a holistic and impactful way.
Greg believes that the presence of God changes everything, and that has been the theme of his life and his ministry, evident by their leadership and attitude of “I can’t take you where I haven’t been.” They are expectant for more of God, ministry, and the call that God has on their life.

Meet Our Team

Ryan & Sam Allen

Associate & Young Married Pastors

Karen DiBella

Finance Director & Office Manager

Kent Ferrin

HR & Facility Pastor

Rachel Storment

Worship & Creative Arts Pastor

Khristian Miller

Outreach Pastor

Mechelle Porter

Outreach Coordinator

Rylie Silva

Young Adults Pastor

Andrew Allen

High School Pastor

Brian Noel

Jr. High Pastor

Sean Sweet

Preteen Pastor

Chris Santos

Preteen Associate Pastor

Sean Marshall

Elementary Pastor

Michelle Jensen

Early Childhood Pastor

Davin Johnson

Men's Pastor

Tiffany & Eric Saathoff

Family Pastors

Harley & Kaye Allen

Missions & Active Adults Pastors

Scott Bryditzki

Community Development Pastor

Stephen & Becca Severin

Worship Associate Pastors

Andrew Ferris

Destino Pastor

Tanner DiBella

Marketing & Visual Arts Director

Brandon Kauffman

Media Director

Justin Blattel

Campus Ministries Director