We Love Our City

When love shines through, we make an impact on the people around us, in our community, in the world. When love is on display, people have hope, light is brought back to their eyes and they can dream again. To know that someone cares for you, that someone believes in you, gives life to your weary soul. Love looks like the meeting of basic needs, restoration brought to a divided community, schools equipped to grow the next generation. Love is not just a what, but a how and a who. What does love look like? It looks like you.

How we reach the community

We partner together to impact our city
Homeless Outreach

We host 5 homeless outreach events that will reach over 350 men, women + children by providing them with dinner, clothing, haircuts, hygiene packs, and giveaways. 

Block Parties

In partnership with schools & neighborhoods, we bring a fun, family-centered fathering with a farmers market, clothing shop, free haircuts, a barbecue, and more! 

Love Our City Events

Through our regionally-known events like Celebrate America, Backpack Giveaway, and our Christmas Outreach event – we’ve reached thousands of families. 

Love Our Seniors

We hang out with seniors at assisted living institutions to provide a fun and community-centered time with many people who live their life in isolation. 

Ways to Serve

We have many opportunities for you to serve

Church Ministries
Serve in the church
Special Events
Backpack Giveaway, Serve Day, Bike Build, Love Our City Christmas
Clothing Outreach
Intake, Sorting, Customer Service, Store Operations
Neighborhood Reach
Farmers Market, Senior Outreach and Block Parties