You see it on shirts. You read it on signs. You hear it in our messages of hope: “Love Our City.” But what does that really mean? What does that look like? Who does that look like? In our communities, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, there are people whose voices have been silenced. They have been pushed out, shut out, isolated, and they now ask the question, “Where do I belong?” Love Our City is for the broken as much as it is for the mended, for the poor as much as it is for the supplied, for the meek as much as it is for the bold, for the lonely as much as it is for the sociable, and for the marginalized as much as it is for the franchised.

As we look at where God is taking us in 2019, it has become clearer than ever that we’ve got to give more people a seat at the table, to go deeper than what is just in front of us or around us, where we actually see people’s growth to the finish line. We’ve got to invest in our kids who will become the leaders of tomorrow, the artists of tomorrow, the voices of tomorrow. We don’t want to build social programs, we want to build families. We don’t want to just build grandeur buildings, we want to build generations. We don’t want to build resource centers, we want to build resourceful leaders.

Our Impact & Legacy

4,532 Classes & Workshops

We've hosted thousands of classes out of the Destiny Community Center in the areas of family, art & education.

1,600 DPA Enrollments

Destiny Performing Arts has seen tremendous growth in enrollments, attendance, and community awareness.

29,000 Bikes & Toys Given

In partnership with the Sacramento Kings, we've given away thousands of toys & bikes to kids in need during the holiday season.

13,000 Clothes Given

Through our community outreach programs, we've given thousands of families clothing.

982 School Events Hosted

We've hosted hundreds of school rallies, dances, and events.

156 Countries Reached

We've reached almost 5,000,000 individuals in over 156 countries through our missions outreach.

2019 New Initiative

Foster Care

Every child deserves a seat at a table. Every child deserves a bed. Every child deserves a place to call home. And yet, over 62,000 children and youth in California find themselves without those very necessities.

2019 New Initiative

Special Needs

“Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very special love.” This is a forgotten and neglected population. When we say we “Love Our City” — we mean every family, every individual, and every child. We’re not leaving the special needs behind. We are grabbing their hand, embracing them, and loving them.

2019 New Initiative

Destiny Park

We had a vision a few years ago of turning part of our property into a thriving events center & park where children and families can go to for camps, events, and activities. This center will be equipped with rope courses, amphitheaters, rock climbing, go-cart courses, and more.

2019 New Initiative

Church Mentorship

We’re seeing great success with our church and outreach initiatives, and we believe God is calling us to take this model, take this vision, and multiply it to other churches throughout our region. We’re looking to partner and provide resources, educational tracks, and financial assistance to empower other churches to love their city, while experiencing growth and expansion within their church body.

Our Strategy & Approach

Let’s multiply

Together, with God’s help, we create a moment that leads to a movement. So we would ask you to prayerfully consider what God would have you give above your regular giving (tithes) to the 2019 campaign. God will take it and multiply.

We’re not leaving you behind

God is turning this moment into a movement 

Lillian S 5:38

I don’t have to be “that girl that is disabled” or “that girl with special needs” — I can be Lilly, and that’s enough.

Vanessa Gates 6:41

We remember those that hurt us, but we never forget those that saved us. You have a change to save a life.

Our Impact 3:00

God never leaves us where He finds us, and we will not leave our community, our families, our kids, where we find them.