We desire to draw people near to

the presence of God through our vulnerability and

revelation of His goodness.

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Thank you so much for your interest in serving on the worship team at Destiny. We are really excited to hear your story and get to know you a little bit. Below you will find a few questions that will help us see where you may fit on our team.

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We desire that through the music and lyrics we have penned, people will be moved to chase after the heart of the Father and passionately pursue the Glorious Collision of the things of Heaven with the things of Earth.

Rachel Storment

Lead Worship Pastor

Rachel Storment is the lead Worship Pastor at Destiny Christian Church. She has been leading worship for over 10 years and loves watching others encounter the Grace of God through music. She's been on staff at Destiny Christian Church for 6 years (where she found her wonderful husband, Zach), and she can't imagine being a part of a greater family. Rachel received her B.A. in music & bible from William Jessup University in 2012, and was ordained by the Assemblies of God fellowship in 2017. Rachel has a deep passion for equipping young worship leaders in the area of academic growth and leadership development as they pursue their calling. An artist at heart, Rachel believes in the power of creativity to promote the message of the Gospel. Additionally, she is an animal lover, whole-foods enthusiast, and Coffee fanatic. Rachel and Zach are overjoyed to be welcoming their first baby girl, Brooklyn Rose, to their family in September 2017.

Stephen Severin

Associate Worship Pastor

Stephen Severin is a California native with a passion for connecting, serving and discipling worship leaders. Stephen recently married his wife, Rebecca in May of 2016; they have been enjoying experiencing ministry together at Destiny Christian Church. A graduate of William Jessup University with a bachelor’s degree in Music & Worship, Stephen has been leading worship for over a decade across the nation. Outside of ministry and music, Stephen enjoys good food, lake days, and reading long passive-aggressive reviews on yelp.

Becca Severin

Worship Pastor

A California native, Rebecca has always had a deep desire to love God’s people through building meaningful relationships.. Rebecca graduated from William Jessup University in 2016 with a B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in counseling, and believes in the transformative power of the Gospel to bring hope and healing to a hurting world. Alongside her passion for worship and music, Rebecca loves investing in Destiny’s Young Adults ministry. Recently married to her husband, Stephen, she has enjoyed experiencing ministry together over the past year and feels incredibly blessed to be a part of the Destiny and DCW family. When Rebecca isn’t busy leading worship or being the organizational-administration guru of the team, you will likely find her working out, playing with her new puppy, or making funny videos on Instagram.